• The nitrifying bacteria gradually changes the ammonia, nitrogen and nitrogenous organic matter (excreta, dead aquatic animals, dead algae, organic remains, etc.) into nitrate, which is then absorbed and used by the algae. The denitrifying bacteria changes the excessive nitrate into nitrogen and NO2, which is released in the atmosphere. Consequently, this product rapidly eliminates Nitro-N and other harmful substances and help to keep the water quality stable, regulate the pH and eliminate all the harm caused by nitrite.
  • Blocks the nutrient source of vibrio and photobacterium phosphoreum, represses the growth of harmful bacteria, promotes the growth and breeding of beneficial algae, thus maintains the ecological environment of water


Nitrifying Bacteria, Denitrifying Bacteria and Group of Beneficial Bacteria Whole amount of probiotics in every gram are more than 6 billion

Dilute the product into water for more than 3 hours before evenly spreading it into the pond

Normal Ammonia:- Ammonia Nitrogen > 0.6mg / l, Nitrite >0.1mg / l, 2kgs / acre / meter water depth, 1.2-1.5kgs / 7-10 days
High Ammonia:- Ammonia Nitrogen > 0.9mg/l, Nitrite > 0.2mg / l, 3kgs / acre / meter water depth, then 1.6kgs-2nd day, 1.2kgs-3rd day


18 months

Not for human / medicinal use Aquaculture use only. Keep in a cool, dark and dry place