Edta Plus
  • Sinks quickly to the bottom of the pond and generates a lot of oxygen that is used to turn anaerobic glycolysis to aerobic decomposition that changes harmful bottom substances to useful nutrients used by planktons
  • Nitrifying bacteria and Sulphur bacteria oxidise hydrogen sulphide (H2S), ammonia (NH3), methane (CH4) to Sulphate and Nitrate which is used by the phytoplankton to stabilise the ecological environment of water
  • Promotes good alkalinity in pond water
  • Eliminates hazardous substances from heavy metalions
  • Prevents yellow gills in shrimps & unstable growth and collapse of planktons (lap-lap )


Bacillus Subtilis, Nitrifying Bacteria, Denitrifying Bacteria, Sulfur Bacteria, Zeolite Powder, Calcium, Sodium Humate, EDTA, Enhancing Oxygen Substance The quantity of living bacteria is 0.2 billion per gram


4 kgs / acre / meter water depth - Every 12- 15 days


18 months

Not for human / medicinal use Aquaculture use only. Keep in a cool, dark and dry place