• Reduces toxic levels of metal ions and toxins caused by harmful gases
  • Improves the transparency of water
  • Improves the bottom environment and makes the soil active, rapidly degrades the bottom sediments and completely eliminates the development of black soil and foul odour
  • Eliminates ammonia gases, nitrates and hydrogen sulphide gases
  • Herbal extracts sanitise the water


Hay Bacillus, Nitrifying Bacteria, Denitrifying Bacteria, Sulfur Bacteria, Zeolite Powder, Calcium Oxide, Traditional Herbal Medicine’s Extract, Calcium Peroxide The quantity of living bacteria is 0.25 billion per gram


Maintanence:- 5kgs/ acre / meter water depth - Every 8-10 days Treatment:- 7 kgs/ acre/ meter water depth - Every 5-7 days Use Appropriately


18 months

Not for human / medicinal use Aquaculture use only. Keep in a cool, dark and dry place