• Increases survival rate & growth rate of aquatic animals and improves the FCR
  • Inhibits the development of harmful virus and thereby maintains the natural balance of micro organisms in the intestinal tract
  • Enhances immunity and thereby prevents and reduces the development of bacterial and viral diseases
  • Enhances digestive competence by keeping away from gut infections


Bacillaceae, Lactobacillus, Several kinds of Vitamins, Microelements, Unknown Growth Factor, Amino Acid, Several kinds of Biological Enzymes The quantity of living bacteria is 2 billion per gram


Use the product throughout the entire culture period for added effects mix with fresh water and then stir with feed and spread evenly


Day 1 - 60 : 10 gms/ 1kg of feed
Day 61 - Harvest : 20 gms / 1 kg of feed


18 months

Not for human / medicinal use Aquaculture use only. Keep in a cool, dark and dry place