• Helps in reducing excess ammonia gas by converting ammonia to nitrite and then oxidises nitrite to nitrate
  • Purifies the water completely
  • Inhibits over production of harmful algae
  • Stabilises water quality and Improves the soil bottom substrate
  • Enhances aquatic animal's immunity, strengthens their microflora, increases their survival rate and growth rate and enhances their anti-stress ability
  • Acts as a total pond regulator
  • Helps in balancing pH at optimum level


Bacillus subtilis, Rhodopseudanonas Palustris, Thiobacillus, Nitrifying bacteria, Denitrifying bacteria, Content of the total living bacteria is more than 8 billion per gram


Before Stocking: 1.2 - 1.5 kgs / acre / meter of water depth
Low Stocking Density: 1.2 - 1.6 kgs / acre / meter of water depth - Every 12-15 days
High Stocking Density: 2.4- 2.8 kgs / acre / meter of water depth - Every 12-15 days
Normal Ammonia: Ammonia Nitrogen > 0.4mg/l, Nitrite > 0.1mg/l, transparency < 30cm : 3kg/acre/meter water depth,1.5gms maintanence/ 10-15 days
High Ammonia: Ammonia Nitrogen > 0.6mg/l, Nitrite > 0.15mg/l, transparency < 10cm : 5kg/acre/meter water depth, 1.5kgs maintanence/ 10-15 days


18 months

Not for human / medicinal use Aquaculture use only. Keep in a cool, dark and dry place